The Toastmasters & Masters of Ceremonies Federation

training and membership

How to join the TMCF


The Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation offers a range of training courses for prospective toastmasters and invites applications for membership from professional toastmasters.

Courses and benefits

our seminars

We offer a seminar that provides you with a foundation and base line from which you can build both knowledge and experience. It also includes advice on marketing and promotion.

our training manual

You will be provided with, and may keep, our comprehensive training manual and teaching materials. We also issue updates to our members when new guidelines are introduced.


As a member of TMCF, you will be covered by our collective insurance policy in respect of public liability.

course content

Our training course covers topics such as English and Asian weddings, Masonic and Jewish functions, Civic, Rotary, Burns Nights, Livery dinners and more.

one-to-one tutoring

You will be taught on a one-to-one basis and be able to interact with our tutorial staff, all of whom are highly experienced professional toastmasters.

uniform and equipment

You will be given advice and information on how and where to obtain your uniform and ancillary equipment.

meet and network

As a member of the TMCF, you will be able to attend regular meeting with colleagues, network with other toastmasters and be featured on this website.

membership benefits

Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of achievement and 12 months' free associate membership of the Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation.

existing toastmasters

Professional toastmasters may apply to join the TMCF. Please contact us for more details.